Saturday, July 6, 2013

Ten Things This Summer

This morning I read Anita's post. That was only a step to join in the fun over @ a Quilting Life. The idea is to write down 10 things you want to work on this summer. I done something similar in June and it worked well for me. It's great self motivation plus encouraging comments are like a fuel for my sewing engine. I had to think about which projects I should put down to keep it real and doable.

#1 Diamond Tread - my latest WiP

#2 Ballerina's Neighborhood - due in September

#3 Make a crib size quilt for my girl. Use those circles I have for almost a year.

#4 Make some more vinyl pouches and try out other projects with vinyl too.

#5 Get back on track with Skill Builder BoM

#6 Stay on track with A Sew On BoM

#7 Get those UFOs out of drawer. All kinds of pouches.

#8 Make some more projects out of Patchwork, Please!

#9 Add  photo gallery of quilts and others to my blog.

#10 Send my machine to service. It deserves some professional cleaning and service.

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  1. No máš to dobre vymyslené! Samé zaujímavé projekty a niektoré z nich už aj začaté, tak to vyzerá byť celkom realizovateľné. Držím prsty!

  2. I like your list - especially #10. You have reminded me that my machine is seriously overdue for some TLC!
    Julie @ The Crafty Quilter

  3. What a terrific list! Thanks for joining in!

  4. Wow, quite a list!! I love those vinyl bags - I've been looking for something like them for months in the stores. Never even crossed my mind to buy the vinyl! I'm also loving the ballerinas, perfect use of that fabric!

    BY the way - I broke up with google which means my bloglovin feed has changed. If you follow me, will you switch your feed to Thanks!

  5. Great list Vera! :) I LOVE those vinyl bags. What a great idea! Now I'll be on the lookout for vinyl. The ballerinas are adorable too! I think I need to get that Patchwork Please book. It seems very popular. Good luck on finishing your list.

  6. A great list Vera. You have some lovely projects. I especially like the diamond tread

  7. You have so many wonderful projects on your list. I especially like the fabrics you chose for your skill builder.

  8. The Diamond Tread is also on my list. I should also write it down. So far the list is only in my head. To have everything written down is a lot more motivating...

  9. I love your projects made with mediums other than traditional cotton fabric (though I am much too chicken to try it myself)! Your projects are beautiful. What AG collection are the purples and pinks from? I recognize a bit of Oval Elements in there. What pattern is the house from? I have seen something like the before, but I wonder if this is something you created or if a pattern might exist. So many questions! So nice to find your blog. Loved your post!

  10. I'm so shattered just reading your list - I truly don't know how you'll do it all and wish you a world of luck. I love everything you're working on, particularly the Ballerina's Neighbourhood. Looking forward to following your progress very much indeed :)

  11. I love your vinyl bags, definitely something I am adding to my list. I found your blog from a quilting life, love looking through all your stuff!

  12. Where is the pattern for the vinyl pouches they are awesome

  13. Love the vinyl bags-Great idea! Wish their were more hours in a day. So many things I want to make.
    I also like your ballerina block!

  14. I LOVE your vinyl pouches hanging. So colorful and what a FANTASTIC idea for storing lots of small items! Where would I find the pattern? Thank you! My new project for January!


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